Motivational quotes for students

Motivational quotes

1- Failure doesn't mean GAME IS OVER..
     It means try again with EXPERIENCE...

2- A journey of thousand miles start with a SINGLE STEP.

3- HARD works beats TALENT when TALENT doesn't WORK HARD..

4- SUCCESS is the result of your countless efforts..

5-  The PAST cannot be CHANGED..
      The FUTURE yet in your HAND..

6-  EDUCATION is most POWERFUL weapon...
      By which you can CHANGE the WORLD..

7-  BE stronger then your EXCUSES..

8-  You learn SOMETHING if you pay ATTENTION..

9- ARISE,AWAKE and stop not until the GOAL is achieved..

10- No one is perfect, thats why Pencils have erasers.....

11- Mistakes are Proof that you are TRYING..

12- Successful People never worry about what other are doing..

13- Don't let the OPINIONS of other CONSUME YOU..

14-  Always desire to LEARN something..

15- Tomorrow is too LATE..
       yesterday is OVER and
       NOW is EXACTLY the right MOMENT
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