Motivational quotes for self study

Are you want to devote maximum time to your self study ? But you are not able to give more time due to any reason which can be procrastination , laziness and many more .

So read these quotes and find yourself motivated to devote maximum time to your self study :

1. Don't study because you need to,
    Study because knowledge is power ,
    Study because you want to know more ,
    Study because it enhances you.
    Study because it grows you.

2. 5:00 AM - The hour when legends are either waking up or going to bed.

3. Your future depends on what you do today and your today has already started,
     So sit, plan your day and learn with full dedication to achieve your day goal.

4. Don't think that others are doing better then you , 
    It always demotivate you,
    Just remember one thing that effort should be right and also in right direction,
    So check if you are in right direction then do it continuously without thinking of  others,
    By this way you will achieve more then your planning.

5. If you are late night people then ,
    Don't think that only morning people can become successful,
    Success is not depend upon Day and Night ,
    Its totally depends upon your Hard work, Dedication, Sacrifice,
    So give your best to achieve your goal rather then thinking about Day and Night.

6. Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, It comes from what you do consistently.

7. Do Hard work with full dedication by keeping one thing in Mind ,
    " What will be the result of your hard-work ? "

8. If you are thinking that learning is hard or self-study is hard ,
    So, of course  it's hard , it's supposed to be hard ,
    If it was easy, Everyone would do it,
    Hard is what makes it great,
    And you have the power to face any hard thing,
9. Starve your distractions , Feed your focus.

10. If you don't sacrifice for what you want,
      what you want becomes the sacrifice.