Things that waste your time

1. Social Media 

Mindless scrolling can take your precious time too much.

2. Procrastinating 

Don't put things off for another day.
If you have work then complete today , don't depend upon another day.
Always remember 
Procrastination is the thief of the time

3. Being tempted by distractions 

Try to complete one task at a time and not distract by another work.

4. Relationships that don't value

Only invest your time in friendships that are reciprocal and supportive to you both.

5. Prioritising the wrong things

This is crucial point for time wasting and this happens because you have no clear purpose and gaol.

6. Not having a visual to do list.

If you are thinks that you can memorize your all schedule then you are wrong because there are so many things happen in a day.
So Make a schedule on a paper and stuck on your wall.

7. Not being organized

Stop running  around like a headless chicken.
Before action plan your day and organize your work then execute.
It will pay more then your expectations.

8. Too much multi-tasking

Don't indulge in so many work because it will not let you anything properly.

9. Watching TV and web series too much.

Don't entertain yourself too much , it takes  too much time.
Entertain yourself  occassionaly when you need , not daily.

10. Not being intentional

Be intentional in life ,If you don't then you will always ask yourself why are you doing something.