Top 10 sites for interview preparation


  • Ambitionbox provides company reviews, interview questions, salary and company information, jobs and so much more to help their users in their careers.

  • AcetheInterview bridges that gap and gives you tools to write and talk about your industry's concepts with the goal of improving your interview readiness!

  • Geeksforgeeks provides Free Tutorials, Millions of Articles, Live, Online and Classroom Courses, Frequent Coding Competitions, Webinars by Industry Experts, Internship opportunities, and Job Opportunities.
  • Leetcode provides a sizable repository of interview resources for many companies. 
  • Gainlo provides the same experience as real interviews and you'll get real feedback in the end.
  • CareerCup helps people prepare for jobs at tech companies, particularly for software engineering roles. You see, unlike other types of interviews, software engineering interviews are intensely skill-based. You need to study for them, just like you would an exam. That's what CareerCup does -- it offers you ways of studying for an interview.
  • InterviewBit is a platform to learn skills that you need for technology jobs. They help you polish your skills and get ready for the job, whether you are a fresh college graduate or a working professional
  • Indiabix provides aptitude questions and answers for your interview and entrance exam preparation.
  • LiveCareer provides you with the resources, knowledge and expert advice you need to land the job you want.