Asked Operating System questions in Amazon Cloud Support Associate Interview

Hello Everyone, In this Blog Post I am sharing Operating system questions asked in Amazon Cloud Support Associate interview. I have compiled all these questions from different resources at one place. I hope you will find these questions helpful for your preparation.

1. What to do if laptop is hanging a lot?

2. How to fix a slow computer?  

3. What is RAM ? What is a thread ? What is a Pthread ?

4. Can CPU goes beyond 100%?

5. How to install and use a software which need more space than the available space

6. in your system ?

7. Virtual Memory - how I'm able to run a 7GB game with my 4 GB RAM? Why the

8. game gets slow in such cases - which OS I primarily work on and why?

9. Memory pages; Buffer and Caches. Difference between buffer and cache.

10. Explain deadlock? How can we prevent it? Explain semaphores in layman

11. language?

12. CPU scheduling Algorithms and questions based on them.

13. Explain different page replacement algorithm, and which is the most efficient?

14. Can round-robin be pre-emptive?

15. What is Active directory ?

16. Explain Boot process (either windows/linux)

17. What is Bash? How would you explain Bash/PowerShell to a non-technical

18. person?

19. How do you access root?

20. Commands to check memory and disk space in OS either Linux or windows?

21. What command checks for running processes?

22. where are the USB drivers installed in Linux

23. System date/time management, network time protocol

24. Managing Users and groups - explain chmod command.

25. File permissions

26. Managing software’s - installation, uninstallation, upgrade etc.  

27. Managing system services and background processes

28. How to view logs in windows ?

29. Which directory are log files stored?

30. A user says that whenever they try to use the system, it keeps rebooting, what

31. could be the cause of this? How would you go about trying to find out what's

32. causing the issue?

33. A client's system/server is having bad performance, what could potentially be

34. causing this? How would you go about trying to find out the cause of this

35. problem?

36. If I have to run a management script in my system at a particular time each day,

37. how will I proceed? What exactly goes inside cron jobs scripts - Difference

38. between processes and threads, pages and fragments

39. BSOD

If you have any doubts/queries, Please ask in comment section.