How to Present  Final year Project in interview as a Fresher ?

Hello folks, many of you are preparing for the interview or planning for interview, and for a successful interview your preparation should be strategic, means if you have a proper strategy then things will be easy for you to achieve. In this article, I am going to discuss about preparation strategy for that topic, for which many students faces problem. The topic is “ How to explain final year project in Interview as a fresher”, after reading this article you will have more clarity about preparation.

Note : This is also for experienced and you can use this template for any project. 

Lets start, following are the important points that you will have to explain in interview,

  1. Project Introduction
  2. Working
  3. Tools, Technologies, and Platform used:
  4. Role
  5. Team
  6. Challenge
  7. Drawbacks

These are the main points, for which you should be well prepared. Please remember, pre-prepare mostly things as much you can before interview, because if you are well prepared then you will feel more confident in interview, and if you are thinking that you can give direct answers without pre-preparation then you can mess up things in interview. So for safety, do good home work before interview. Now I will discuss about each points,

1. Project Introduction

This is start point and this should be concise and clear. Here, just introduce your project in concise way, don’t over explain. After intro just explain “Why did you choose this project ?”, because you will choose a project for solving a problem, I am also giving an example then It will be more clear to you, and you can make your own introduction according to your project.

Example : 

  • My final year project is automatic number-plate recognition, which is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates.
  • It can be used in traffic control system for online chalaan, parking places, offices , toll plazas etc.
  • India is the 4th largest passenger vehicle producer in the world, and the number of vehicle increasing day by day. And in the era of emerging technology, Monitoring of vehicles should  be based on technology.

 After this jump on the next point “Working”.


In this section, you need to complete working process of your project, explanation should be very clear, means start from A and end at Z, don’t start your explanation with random point D. Just see my example once, you will have more clarity.

Note : It is not mandatory that, working process should be long, It can be short/medium. Please keep in mind that working process should be complete and clear, and don’t try to over explain or less explain. You will find my example long, but trust me, when you will explain orally, It will take very less time.

Example :

2a) Detection – 

It is used for Finds potential license plate regions. It uses the LBP(Local Binary Pattern (LBP)) algorithm (generally used for face detection) to find possible license plate regions (x,y, width, height). Each of these regions is sent to the later pipeline phases for further processing.

2b) Binarization – 

it is used to Convert the plate region image into black and white. Binarization uses the Wolf-Jolien method then binary image is processed in subsequent phases.

2c) Character Analysis - 

Character analysis attempts to find character-sized regions in the plate region. It does this by first finding all connected blobs in the license plate region. 

This analysis is done multiple times in the region. It starts by looking for small characters, then gradually looks for larger characters.

If nothing is found in the region, then the region is thrown out and no further processing takes place. If it finds some potential characters, then the character region is saved and further processing takes place.

2d) Plate Edges - 

The next phase is to find the edges of the license plate. Detection phase is only responsible for identifying a possible region where a license plate may exist but The plate edges tries to find the precise top/bottom/left/right edges of the license plate. Output of this stage forwards to the next stage,

2e) Deskew -

Given the plate edges, the deskew stage remaps the plate region to a standard size and orientation. Ideally this will give us a correctly oriented plate image (no rotation or skew). The output of this stage will become the input of the next step.

2f) Character Segmentation - 

The character segmentation phase tries to isolate all the characters that make up the plate image. It uses a vertical histogram to find gaps in the plate characters. After completion of this stage, further processing will take place, which is OCR stage,

2g) OCR

The OCR phase analyzes each character independently. For each character image, it computes all possible characters and their confidences. When OCR stage will be complete, the last step “Post Processing” will take place.

2h) Post Processing

Given a list of all possible OCR characters and confidences, post processing determines the best possible plate letter combinations. Now all the steps are completed.

3. Tools, Technologies, and Platform used:

In this section, you will have to explain about tools, technologies and platform, what you have used for the development of the project. This is very simple section, I am giving my example.


For developing this project I am using JavaFx a java library to build project On Netbeans IDE platform. And also using three libraries OpenALPR, OpenCV [for detection phase] Tesseract OCR [for OCR phase ] opensource libraries.

 4. Role

What was your role in the project like FrontEnd/BackEnd developer etc.

Example :

In this project, I am team leader and I am responsible for the developing GUI, Synopsis, managing co-operation among other members and for delivering project progress to the Project mentor.

Note : You have to explain only till Role. I am going to write three extra points because the interviewer can ask to you, So prepare also these points and when interviewer will ask about these points then explain, otherwise don’t explain.

5. Challenges

When you will develop project, you will face many problems/challenges and you have to explain about these. It is not mandatory that challenge should be technical, it can be related to team conflict etc.

Example :

To develop this project, after proper discussion, we concluded that we will use java language because all other members were comfortable with Java and I was with Python. So I decided to go with Java to learn new technology and this is a challenge for me. But I am familiar with other languages then it will not be so difficult for me.

6. Team

They can ask about your whole team and can ask “How did you work with your team in sync ?”

7. Drawbacks

Project can have drawbacks, so if you think that your project has drawback, so please note the drawbacks at one place. And when interviewer will ask, you will be able to answer them.

I hope you will find the shared information helpful to you. If you have any questions, you can ask in comment section, I would be happy to answer them.