Preparation Strategy for college Placements

Hello folks, Hope you all are doing great! You are reading this blog post, means you are preparing for Job as a fresher, So you are at right place. In this article I am going to discuss about general job preparation strategy. There are many companies and all of them have their own hiring process, but you should have awareness about some things, which will be common for many companies, and Yes I am going to discuss about these common things.

Lets start, Firstly you should be aware about types of companies or industry, that either you will be join after college or you are an intern during your Btech. Here I am focusing on software, So there are two types of industries,

Product based companies 

  • They works on their own product like Google, Amazon, FB.

Service based companies 

  • They work for other organization or we can say they uses products of the product based companies, like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture.

Now, you know about the companies, after that the most important thing that you should know is “ Communication plays an important role In your placement”, Please note that Your communication should be good, otherwise you will face problems in your interview. Here communication means you should be able present your thoughts in a clear way and your English proficiency should also be good because you will have to communicate in English. Just think, If your technical knowledge is good but you are unable to express your thoughts, so it would not be good. If you think that your communication is roadblock for you and you are not able to communicate in English, So don’t worry, you can develop your skills by practicing, Do believe in GROWTH mindset, If you have growth mindset you can develop anything by practicing,

Do these two practice, you will see improvements in yourslf, Initilallly you will assusme, it is not working but It will work after sometime.

1. Writing ( Vocabulary ) 

  • Writing will help you in building vocabulary. Now the main point is “What should I write?”, So you can write anything, for example, write 3-4 quotes daily, these quotes should your original thouhgts not copied from google, If you are learning 5 words per day, then you can assume, How much words will in your collection after some days. Start slowly and increase your capability gradually. It would really help you.

2. Reading ( Fluency )

  • Now, Reading is important for fluency.When you will read daily then you will be more familiarize with english, like you are now in native language. And when you will be familiarize, your thoughts will come in english. During reading, you will learn many new sentences, which can be used in nomal conversation.

Now, you are aware about importance of communication, but Please note that Communication and technical knowledge both are important, because if your commincation is good but your technical knowledge is not good then this is also not good. So I am going to discuss about those common technical requirement that you should be aware of.

According to my experience, I have seen that there could be two major rounds including sub-rounds, Please refer below explanation,

1. Major Round-1: Online assessments

1) Subround-1: Aptitude Round

2) Subround-2: Coding Round

2. Major Round-2: Interview [includes three subrounds]

1) Technical Round – Core subjects ( OS, DBMS, CN etc. ), Knowledge about structured Programming[ C ], OOP Language[ Java/Python/C++ etc. ] and DSA.

2) HR Round - They want to check whether you will be able to smoothly work with the team and adapt the organizational culture. Eg.- Tell me about your weakness/strengths,

3) Managerial Round – They want to check that you are capable of delivering on the role or not.  They will give you a situation and you will have to give a strategic answer. Eg.- Tell me about a project that make you proud, If your team resist your idea, what will you do. For managerial round you can use STAR method, please google once you will get sufficient imformation.

If you are in your Btech, means you are already influenced with some big MYTHS, actually there are plenty of MYTHS available in the market, but here I am highlighting some trending one, Please find below :

Myth 1 - A single sheet of paper can't decide my future

Reality – Always maintain your percentage. [ Jiski Backlog aati hain, unhe hi pata hota hai kitni problem face karni padti hain].

Myth 2 – I am from tier-3, so I can not get a Job in Product based companies.

Reality – If you are skilled and strategic, then everything is possible.

Myth 3 – He/She is more fast than me in solving problems, Now I should stop or change the path.

Reality – Everyone has their own capability to learn things. Maybe He/she is taking 1 hour time to learn things and you are taking 3 or more hours. So its totally Ok, you don’t need to stop, You need to believe in growth mindset, By practicing more and observing your weak points, You can see positive changes in yourself in some days.

I hope you have learned something from shared information and now you are aware about common things about placement. In case, if you have any doubt/query you can drop in comment, I would be happy to help.

Thanks for reading. Have a bright future !