GATE preparation

Gate is not all about syllabus completion, it also tests your some management skills[time, health] during preparation and final. Some important points that I would like to share regarding peak time of preparation,

a) Time is everything: Schedule your upcoming days, in case you have semesters then exclude these days and then schedule. Now, decide according to your level of preparation "How you will invest your upcoming days ?" either in 'Revision throught PYQ' or in 'Mocks'.
For this decision do not follow anyone blindly, it completely depends on the level of your preparation, and others preparation strategy or level could be different from your others.

b) Do not take your health at risk : Health should be priority, it doesn’t matter "How good your level of preparation" if your health will be not good then it will affect your overall result.

c) Stay away from negative people : Please note that it really matters that What is the mindset of next person? You are discussing with. In short, they will try demotivate you by discussing non-weighted topics or by discussing toughness level of GATE exam, please keep in mind that it doesn't matter which IIT is conducting GATE exam either it's IIT kanpur or another IIT, it will test your concept. So, don't waste your time in forecasting of questions type.

d) Do not fall into the trap of MOCKs : If you are getting low marks in MOCK, don't get demotivated, just figure out your weak points and revise. If you will regret, it will only consume your precious time, instead of this, work on weak points. One more important point, don't believe on others mock numbers, it could be false and can create negative impact on your preparation, so just on focus on yourself and your preparation.

These days are like net-practice, it's not your final game, and you are preparing yourself for final game. If you are doing mistake just try to point out and revise again and make it strong, instead of getting into demotivation and regret.

e) There could be high chance that you are feeling exhausted and distracted. In this case try to interact with that person who gives positive vibes and motivation. It depends person to person that how they are handling above situation. I Just gave an example that can help you.

And at last, just want to say that Do believe in growth mindset ( everything is possible in strategic manner ), and do beleive in your potential, you can do it.

All the very best to everyone. ✌️