Threads App of Instagram

Threads is a recently launched app by Meta, the parent company of Instagram. It is designed to function similarly to Twitter, allowing users to engage in text-based conversations. Threads is integrated with Instagram, After downloading Threads on your iOS or Android device, you will be receiving a Threads badge for your linked Instagram accounts. This badge serves as a visual identifier that shows your connection between Threads and Instagram.

What is THREADS app of Instagram and What things you can do on THREADS | Threads Website

Threads badge is awarded to INSTAGRAM users immediately after they sign up on the THREADS app, Its purpose is to inform their Instagram followers that they are also active on Threads. The badge serves as a visual indicator that you have joined the new app and are available for engagement and conversations there.

Additionally, the Threads badge includes a unique number that signifies the order in which users joined the app. For instance, if you were the 1000th person to sign up for Threads, your badge would display the number "1000." This number adds a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity, allowing users to identify themselves as early adopters or members of a specific cohort based on their joining sequence.

While many people have been enjoying using the Threads app and proudly displaying the Threads badge on their Instagram accounts, there are some individuals who have chosen to hide the badge. However, these individuals have encountered difficulties in finding an option to unhide the badge and display it on their profile once again.

Can You Unhide Threads Badge on Instagram?

As of now, there is no available method to unhide the Threads badge on Instagram. Once you have chosen to hide the Threads badge, there is no way to re-enable or display it on your profile again. Instagram has implemented a system where once the Threads badge is removed from your Instagram profile, it cannot be unhidden.

Instagram also provides a warning message to users when they attempt to remove the badge, informing them that it cannot be unhidden once it has been taken off their profile.

It seems Instagram has intentionally designed the feature to be a one-time decision, indicating that once users hide the badge, they will not have the option to reverse that action and make it visible again, but they can add this feature in future as per public demand.

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